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Various locals from our village accompany us as guides and lead the groups on Imposible's trails. All of our guides know and appreciate the mountains like no-one else....

With Manolo González and his guides, discover incredible trails:

> La Catarata "El salto": 7 hour hike rewarded by a swim beneath a 50 m waterfall

> Camino de "La Muerte": Discover uncharted trails through the bush, and see coffee plantations and forests of bamboo (6h)

> Mountain Bike Tours: From 1700 m down to the ocean! The first day mountain-biking, overnight at the beach, and return by truck via the Route of the Flowers

> The Parrot Tree: At dusk, we've got a date with thousands of parrots, as they descend to roost on a Ceiba tree... Download the video!

> El Puente del Imposible: A hike in the middle of the park, to a bridge with spectacular views (5h)

> Hasta La luna : An unforgettable journey into the heart of Imposible, truly untouristed and off-the-beaten-track, and swim in a river and its many cascades (6h)

> Tacuba - San Francisco Menendez : The oldest and most historical of the routes in Imposible, in the very center of the park. After the hike, sleep in a house at the edge of the sea, enjoy fresh fish barbecued in the bonfire, glass in hand, listening to the tunes of Manu Chao... (8h hike, 2 day adventure)

> A San Miguelito : Visit the Ruta del Cerro Leon, the farm and museum of SALVANATURA of San Miguelito and the Anganches Rivers (6h)

> Exploracion de cavernas : At the bottom of Imposible, into Hell! Can you believe that the devil lives here! (5h)...and many more tours, customized for you....

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